New Orleans receives

Rashard Lewis (32-yr, 2013 projected WARP 1.1, ORAPM -0.7, 0.9 DRAPM, 1 yr, $24mm)
Second round draft pick

Washington receives
Emeka Okafor (29-yr, 2013 projected WARP 1.4, ORAPM -1.2, 1.6 DRAPM, 2 yr, $28mm)
Trevor Ariza (26-yr, 2013 projected WARP 3.9, ORAPM -1.3, -0.4 DRAPM 2 yr, $15mm)

I like this trade for the Hornets, who are expected to buy out Rashard Lewis’ contract for $14mm. In essence, they got rid of Okafor and Ariza for a net savings of $29mm over two years. Those two players are not worth that amount of money, so the Hornets were wise to exchange them for a second round draft pick. The trade frees up cap space so that the Hornets will be well positioned to build around Anthony Davis.

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