Best Performances


All the stars had a turnover-ridden game (LBJ – 4 tovs, Dwade – 5 tovs, KD – 5 tovs) so no one made the best performances list last night. However, Lebron played another complete game, with a game-high WARP of 0.144 on 29-14-3, and once again came up big in the 4th quarter while KD did not continue his usual 4th quarter barrage last night. KD found himself in foul trouble yet again this game, forcing him to sit out in the 3rd quarter when he picked up his fourth foul. Thunder coach Scott Brooks made a questionable decision of sitting out a struggling Russell Westbrook at the same time and the Heat coincidentally erased the Thunder lead and pulled ahead to close out the 3Q. The 4th quarter was a battle back and forth, but ultimately, the Big 3 of the Heat were just too much for the Thunder.

The Thunder were uncharacteristically 15-24 from the line last night, which makes all the difference in the tight margins that these Finals games have been settled by.

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